Trial Monitoring

In the first 6-month period of our joint project with the International Press Institute (IPI), we monitored 82 hearings of 71 separate trials, held in 90 legal sessions in the second half of 2018. Our project aimed to identify violations of the right to a fair trial based on a standard trial monitoring form that was formed by our Legal Unit. Our study has been a pacesetter in the practice of trial monitoring in Turkey and will continue in 2019.

Stories of Justice

A group of people with various professional backgrounds including journalists and lawyers, penned articles regarding the human rights violations and malfunctions of the Turkish judicial system Gazetecilerin, avukatların, ve farklı meslek gruplarından gelen birçok kişinin Türk adalet sisteminde yaşanan insan hakkı ihlallerini ve sistemin aksaklıklarını kaleme aldıkları yazılarının toplandığı bir proje olan “Adaletten Hikayeler”, bağımsız ve profesyonel gazeteciliği desteklemeyi de amaçlıyor. Proje kapsamında yayınlanan yazılar, 2019’un ikinci yarısında kitap haline getirilecek.

Press Lawyers Network

Our project aimed to bring together freedom of speech and press lawyers operating in Turkey, in order for them to share their experiences and develop strategies while being part of a professional solidarity network. 



Unsolved: Fighting impunity in journalist murders

Relatives of slain journalists cam together at our panel and discussed how to fight impunity in crimes committed against journalists and shared their personal stories on how they dealed with losing their loved ones.

Diyarbakır ECHR Workshop

180 Diyarbakır-based lawyers participated in our workshop titled “Significant Points in Procedure of Individual Applications to the European Court of Human Rights and Contemporary Issues”, which was hosted by the Diyarbakır Bar Association.

Follow the Money Seminar

Maltese investigative journalist Matthew Caruana Galizia and Transparency International (TI) Turkey Chair Oya Özarslan provided a training on how to identify suspicious money transactions and fight corruption.

List of imprisoned journalists and media workers in Turkey