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Another Kurdish journalist sent to prison

Mezopatamya Agency (MA) correspondent Berzan Güneş was arrested on 11 June on “terrorism propaganda” charges related to his social media posts.

Güneş, who was in Şırnak Province to follow up on a news story, was detained by police early in the morning at a security checkpoint and later referred to a court.

The journalist was detained and formally arrested as part of an investigation into his social media posts being conducted by the Iğdır Public Prosecutor’s Office. He testified in Şırnak via the court video-conferencing system SEGBİS to prosecutors in Şırnak. 

After the court’s decision to arrest him, he was sent to Şırnak Prison. His camera and equipment were also seized by police.

On 4 April,  the journalist’s father Ahmet Güneş (68), was taken into police custody in his stead, as the reporter was not at home at the time of a police raid on the family’s Iğdır home. The father was later released and Berzan Güneş had testified to prosecutors in Iğdır on the same day, after which he was released. 

His arrest brings the number of journalists in Turkish prisons to 177.