Case Monitoring

Boğaziçi students’ trial is adjourned until October

İstanbul – Fourth hearing of the trial where a group of Boğaziçi University students face “making propaganda for a terrorist organization” charges for protesting against another group of students who served Turkish delight to celebrate Turkey’s military operation in Afrin, Syria on 19 March 2018 was held at the İstanbul 32nd High Criminal Court today. 

The students are accused of making terrorist propaganda for a banner that read: “Massacres and occupations are not occasions to serve Turkish Delight.” Two of the students who are tried as part of the trial were present in the courtroom, as well as all defense lawyers.

Lawyer Levent Pişkin noted that the digital expertise report has been added to the case-file only recently and that they would be preparing a statement in response to this report. Pişkin also demanded the report to be communicated to them and the return of all confiscated digital materials that have already been examined.  

The court noted that the digital investigation report has indeed been uploaded to the system and ruled that the court clerk shall communicate this report to the defendants and their lawyers.

The trial is adjourned until October 15, 2019.