Case Monitoring

Court adjourns hearing of journalists Eylem Sonbahar and Sema Karakurt

Antalya – Trial where 17 people, including journalists Sema Karakurt and Eylem Sonbahar face “resisting the police” and “insult” charges due to the 2015 G20 summit protests in Antalya, resumed today. 

Journalists Sonbahar and Karakurt, whom the Media and Law Studies Association (MLSA) defends, were present at the hearing which was held at Antalya 25th Criminal Court of First Instance.

The hearing started with identity checks, with an almost 4-hour-delay. Journalist Sonbahar repeated her previous defense statements. 

Lawyer Zelal Pelin Doğan from MLSA’s Legal Unit requested the case-file be merged with a 2018-case before Antalya 7th Criminal Court of First Instance, regarding the same incident. 

The court ruled to issue a writ to Antalya 7th Criminal Court of First instance requesting the relevant case-file to review it. The hearing was adjourned until December 17 for the completion of the missing documents in the case file.