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‘KCK Press Trial’ adjourned until January


Yasin Kobulan, İstanbul – 46 journalists from pro-Kurdish media outlets appeared in court for their 12th hearing today.

The hearing mainly focused on administrative judicial snafus. While overseas travel bans and passport cancellations were lifted by the court at the last hearing, defense lawyers drew attention to an apparent failure to update the National Judiciary Informatics System in order to give effect to the court’s ruling. The court refuted that this was the case, and asserted that the necessary arrangements had already been made.

The hearing was attended by the Media and Law Studies Association and People’s Democratic Party MPs Ali Kenanoğlu and Hüda Kaya.

The court ruled to continue the arrest warrant for İsmet Kayhan and adjourned the hearing until January 11, 2019.

Updated: December 6 2018