Case Monitoring

Trial of journalist Necla Demir adjourned

The trial of Necla Demir where she is charged with successively making terrorist propaganda, is adjourned in order to receive her defence statement 

İstanbul – Second hearing of the trial where Gazete Karınca’s former proprietor Necla Demir faces “successively making terrorist propaganda” charges for news reports and interviews published on the military operation in Afrin, Syria was held at the İstanbul 33rd High Criminal Court today. Demir did not attend the hearing but her lawyer Sercan Korkmaz was present in the courtroom. Lawyer Korkmaz presented his defence to the accusations.

The Court reminded that they decided to have Demir’s and her lawyer’s statements from the previous hearing transcribed from SEGBİS recordings. However, the Court noted that these transcripts were not completed yet. Lawyer Sercan Korkmaz stated: “We reiterate the petition we have filed between the hearings. We are going to bring our client before the court for the next hearing. We request the incomplete documents in the case file be added until then.”

The trial is adjourned until 11 October. Necla Demir’s defence statement will be heard during the next hearing.