Aslı Ece Koçak

Aslı Ece Koçak was born in İstanbul in 1992. She obtained her B.A. in English Language and Comparative Literature from Koç University with high honors in 2016. She has interned at various media outlets during her studies, such as CNN Turk’s Foreign News Desk and bianet. She completed her M.A. in Cultural Studies at Sabancı University. She works as an editor at Media and Law Studies Association. 

Barış Altıntaş

Barış Altıntaş was born in Ankara in 1978. She graduated from METU Public Administration and Political Science in 2000. She received her master’s degree on International Relations at St. Petersburg University in 2000-2001. Between the years 2005-2015, she worked as a journalist in various media outlets in Ankara and İstanbul, including Economy Press Agency and Turkish Daily News (Doğan Group) focusing on the fields of science and politics. She has been contributing to Index on Censorship, International Boulevard and Taz Gazette as a freelance journalist, since the year 2015 and pursues her professional career in civil society in the field of freedom of expression. She is the Co-Director of Media and Law Studies Association.

Hasan Uçar

Hasan Uçar was born in Adana in 1987. He left his studies in İstanbul University and İstanbul Bilgi University. He is currently working as the office manager at Media and Law Studies Association. 

Legal Unit

Veysel Ok

Veysel Ok was born in Diyarbakır in 1984. He graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Law in 2006. He headed his own law company until 2010 acting as legal counsel for writers, predominantly Kurdish journalists and political arrestees. Throughout his career, he has acted as legal counsel in more than 400 press freedom trials. Past clients include Ahmet Altan and Şahin Alpay. Currently, he defends many journalists including Deniz Yücel and Nedim Türfent. He is a co-founder and the Co-Director of Media and Law Studies Association.

Zelal Pelin Doğan

Zelal Pelin Doğan was born in İstanbul in 1993. She obtained her L.L.B degree from Istanbul University, Faculty of Law in 2016. After her studies, she interned and worked mainly on the human rights, criminal law, impunity and forced disappearances both on an academic and professional level, in Turkey and Argentina. She is currently a master student in İstanbul Bilgi University’s Human Rights Law program, and works as a lawyer at Media and Law Studies Association.