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Allegations of police misconduct surface in Boğaziçi Uni Pride March case

Allegations of police misconduct surface in Boğaziçi Uni Pride March case

Eylem Sonbahar

 In the trial concerning 70 individuals detained -- allegedly under torture --  for participating in the 9th Boğaziçi Pride March, the court decided to re-request records from the university related to the day of the incident.

The 6th hearing of the case, involving 70 individuals detained during the 9th Pride March held within the Boğaziçi University campus on May 20, 2022, was observed. These individuals faced charges of "participating in illegal assembly and marches without dispersing despite warnings," with two facing additional charges of "resisting to prevent an officer from performing their duty."

Due to the small size of the courtroom, the case, initially opened by the Istanbul 58th Criminal Court of First Instance, was heard in the 31st High Criminal Court.

The hearing was attended by representatives from the Civil Space Research Association, Space Justice Association, Human Rights Association, and consulates of Germany and the USA, as well as some defendants' lawyers.

'You could leave if you wanted, but they were going to detain us anyway'

A response was not received to the letter requesting camera recordings from the day of the incident at Boğaziçi University. One student present at the hearing stated that they were suddenly surrounded, during which they also lost personal belongings.

Continuing their defense statement, the student said, "The police officer said those who want to leave can, but they were not going to release us, they were going to detain us. In the detention vehicle, one police officer said to us, 'If I were your parent, I wouldn't give you money.' When I replied, 'What are you talking about, we are students,' the officer said, 'What students? You are terrorists.' There was a police officer present during the medical examination. I request the identification of that officer if possible. I also did not hear any announcement to disperse."

The judge told the student, "You have the right to file an individual complaint. You can go to the prosecutor or the police to exercise your right to complain." The defendants' lawyers stated they would present their defense statements after the submission of the principal opinion.

The court decided to issue a new letter to Boğaziçi University requesting records related to the day of the incident. The court also issued orders for the compulsory appearance of three defendants and arrest warrants for two others. The trial has been adjourned to April 5, 2024.


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