Case Monitoring

Court adjourns hearing of journalist Rüstem Batum until May

Fourth hearing of the trial where journalist Rüstem Batum faces “insulting the President” and “inciting the people towards hatred and enmity” charges due to 20 tweets he posted between 2016 and 2018, was held today at İstanbul 5th Criminal Court of First Instance.

Batum, who lives abroad and is defended by Media and Law Studies Association (MLSA) was not present at the hearing. His lawyer noted that Batum lives and continues his job as a journalist in United States of America, and added, “He cannot return to the country due to the pandemic. He is following his cases and wants to defend himself. We will be submitting Batum’s residency address information during the recess. We request his defense be taken via rogatory letters.”

The court ruled to wait for the execution of the arrest warrant in the name of Batum, and take the rogatory letters request into consideration after the submission of Batum’s residency information. Hearing was adjourned until May 4.