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Demirören’s SLAPP case against journalist Canan Kaya adjourned until November


In the SLAPP case brought against the Medya Koridoru’s proprietor and editor-in-chief Canan Kaya because of her news article titled “Demirören yolun sonuna yaklaşıyor [End of the road for Demirören]”, the court decided to ask about the writ issued to the Security General Directorate for the investigation of Kaya’s socioeconomic conditions.

The SLAPP case brought against journalist Canan Kaya whom MLSA represents in court, has begun to be heard by the İstanbul 18th Civil Court of First Instance. In the case, citing Kaya’s news article titled “Demirören yolun sonuna yaklaşıyor: Ziraat Bankası ‘kayyumları’ ne istedi? [End of the road for Demirören: What did Ziraat Bank ‘trustees’ want?]” published on the website of Medya Koridoru, on November 26, 2021 , the Demirören Media Group asks for a compensation of 20,000 TL for “damage of commercial reputation and violation of personal rights.” 

Canan Kaya attended today’s hearing together with her lawyer Erselan Aktan. Serkan Yalavaç and Onur Alçiçek, the attorneys of the Demirören Media Group were also present in the courtroom. Taking the floor first, attorney Yalavaç repeated the lawsuit petition and said, “There is no point in agreement with the other party. The defendant was reprimanded by the Press Council General Secretariat. We request the court to ask for the Secretariat’s reprimand decision taken on December 29, 2021.”

Kaya’s lawyer Aktan stated that they repeat their reply provided against the lawsuit petition and said “We presented the decision of non-prosecution. We request that you also ask for the decision of non-prosecution.” Requesting that they want the court to wait for the outcome of the criminal complaint filed by the plaintiff because of the same news article, attorney Aktan argued that the news article in question was in accordance with the ethics of journalism and the law. Aktan requested that the case be dismissed, arguing that “the news article is within the limits of reality, public and social interest, actuality and objectivity and it is within the scope of freedom to declare and distribute news and thought.” 

The court’s decided to issue a writ to relevant parties so that the listed evidence can be collected; to ask about the writ issued to the Security General Directorate for the investigation of journalist Kaya’s socioeconomic conditions and to ask the Press Council General Secretariat to send a copy of the reprimand decision. The trial is adjourned until November 1st.

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