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Deniz Yücel’s ‘insulting a public official’ case adjourned until Sep 2021

İstanbul – Third hearing of the trial where Die Welt journalist Deniz Yücel faces “insulting a public official” charges due to a tweet he posted on February 20, 2019 was held at İstanbul 24th Criminal Court of First Instance today. 

Yücel, who is represented by Media and Law Studies Association (MLSA), did not attend the hearing. Noting that his client lives in Germany, lawyer Aktan presented Yücel’s address to the court and demanded his defense statement to be taken there. 

The court accepted Aktan’s request and ruled for the writing of instructions to Yücel’s address, and the beginning of necessary procedures in order for his statement to be taken.

Next hearing will be held on September 9, 2021. 

Case background

The concerned tweet of Yücel was posted on Feb 20, 2019 and is about the prosecutor who was leading the investigation on Osman Kavala, the same prosecutor who accused Deniz Yücel of terrorist propaganda for an interview he conducted while misrepresenting the language of Yücel’s interview.

The statements that are included in this tweet are also included in the defense statement that Yücel submitted to the court in May 2019, in relation to the main trial where he was accused of terrorist propaganda and inciting the public to hatred. Yücel was acquitted of “inciting the public to hatred” charges whereas the court ruled for his punishment for “propaganda” on 16 July 2020. 

The indictment was drafted by prosecutor Celal Salıdere, who demands Yücel to be punished pursuant to Turkish Penal Code’s Article 125, which regulates insult. İstanbul Vice Chief Prosecutor Hasan Yılmaz appears as the injured party in the file.