Free speech trials: Week of 5 February

Free speech trials: Week of 5 February

Below is a schedule of trials in Turkey this week where people are accused of various charges for expressing their beliefs or working for newspapers:

6 February Tuesday -- Coup trial against journalists

On 6 February Tuesday in the Istanbul 25th High Criminal Court journalists Murat Aksoy, Atilla Taş, Oğuz Usluer and other journalists will be on trial on charges of membership in a terrorist organization and attempting to overthrow the government and the constitutional order. 

There are a total of 29 suspects in this trial. Twenty-one are still imprisoned. Essentially, they stand accused of being the media arm of “FETÖ”, which stands for Fethullahist Terror Organization, the derogatory and official name given to the Islamist Fethullah Gülen network by the Turkish government, which claims that it was Gülen and his followers who staged the coup attempt of 15 July 2016. 

6 February and 8 February - Academics for Peace

Trials of academics who signed a peace petition in January 2016 against military operations in Turkey’s predominantly Kurdish-populated provinces will continue thi week. 

At 9.30 am in the Istanbul 34th High Criminal Court, academics from the Yıldız Technical University and University of Marmara will be tired on terror propaganda charges. 

At 10.30 am on 8 February, Istanbul University academics Hülya Kirmanoğlu, Haydar Durak and Fatma Nihan Aksakallı, as well as Galatasaray University academics Feyza Ak Akyol and Gözde Aytemur, will be tried on the same charges at the 33th High Criminal Court. 

8 February - Civil disobedience trial in Aydın 

On 8 February, several people who are being tried for organizing a demonstration in support of the Academics for Peace will appear before the 2nd High Criminal Court in Söke district of Aydın province. 


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