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Journalist Nedim Türfent says statements attributed to him in interview untrue


Mezopotamya News Agency on 20 June reported that journalist Nedim Türfent, who is imprisoned in Van Prison, issued a statement which said some of the expressions attributed to him in an interview published on the website of Independent Journalism Platform P24 did not reflect the truth.

In an interview published by P24, it was claimed that Türfent told visiting P24 lawyer Melike Polat that his own lawyers did not inform him thoroughly about his legal processes. Türfent, in a hand-written letter from Van Prison, stated that the expressions attributed to him in the interview regarding his lawyers were untrue. He also thanked his lawyers Barış Oflas, Harika Karataş and Veysel Ok for their efforts throughout his ordeal. 

Türfent’s lawyer Barış Oflas shared Türfent’s correction letter online, tweeting: “The best journalists are in jail. Those outside should learn from them. We don’t make mistakes.”



P24 lawyer Melike Polat, who issued a statement in response to Mezopotamya’s report, claimed that Türfent’s statement was untrue.