Case Monitoring

Journalist Sabiha Temizkan’s trial adjourned until September

İstanbul – First hearing of journalist Sabiha Temizkan, who stands trial for “making terrorist propaganda” based on a 2014 Twitter post of hers, was held today at İstanbul 35th High Criminal Court.

The indictment prepared by the Press Crimes Investigation Bureau of İstanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office presents a 2014 tweet in which Temizkan wrote “Makhmur Camp seized by ISIS…” as evidence against her.

Temizkan did not attend the hearing which was held at İstanbul 35th High Criminal Court, and presented the court a health report through her lawyer. Lawyer Zelal Pelin Doğan stated that they will be presenting a detailed defense at the next hearing with her client. The court accepted Doğan’s request to be excused from the hearing and adjourned the trial until 22 September 2020.