Press Freedom

Journalists covering refugees detained in Edirne

Edirne – Journalists Olaf Koens and Pepijn Nagtzaam were detained in Edirne while covering the journey of refugees on September 27, on the grounds that they trespassed a military zone; they were released after submitting their statements in the company of Media and Law Studies Association (MLSA) Legal Team.

During their interrogation, RTL Nieuws journalists Koens and Nagtzaam who were in Edirne to cover the pushing-back of refugees from Greece to Turkey, were asked why they entered a military zone, how long they have been in Turkey and where they came from. The journalists were released after they submitted their statements in the company of MLSA Legal Team.

Koens and Nagtzaam had not come across any warning on informative signs where they worked. They spent around 12 hours under custody, throughout which their vehicle and equipment were confiscated. 

Four journalists defended by MLSA, including İdris Sayılğan and Ralph Dekkers were also tried on similar charges in different cases, and after their closing all were acquitted.