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MLSA files criminal complaint on behalf of journalist Bilal Meyveci

Media and Law Studies Association Legal Team filed a criminal complaint on behalf of Artı TV reporter Bilal Meyveci, who was subjected to police violence while following the march organized on November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. 

The complaint requests the identification and public prosecution of the police officers who used disproportionate violence against Meyveci, and caused damage over his equipment that was allocated to him by the TV channel.

MLSA Legal Team’s petition, which was addressed to İstanbul Public Chief Prosecutor’s Office, asserts that Meyveci was also exposed to violence during the police’s disproportionate intervention in the November 25 march. It was underlined that Meyveci, although he attempted to show his press card, was hurt by close-range plastic bullets and pepper spray. 

Additional documents demonstrating the extent of Meyveci’s injury were also presented to the prosecution’s office, alongside a medical report.

Noting that Meyveci was subjected to disproportionate and unnecessary violence leading up to torture and mistreatment, the petition refers to the relevant international and national legislation regarding press freedom and requests the identification and public prosecution of police officers involved, on charges of “intentional injury,” “violation of right to work,” “damage to property” and “malpractice.”