Case Monitoring

The trial of journalist Yağmur Kaya is adjourned until June


In today’s hearing of the case brought against journalist Yağmur Kaya on the grounds of her interview with the Co-Chair of the Human Rights Association Eren Keskin, the court decided to hear Keskin as a witness and to investigate if she has any criminal investigations or lawsuits against her because of the same interview.

The third hearing of the trial in which journalist Yağmur Kaya whom MLSA represents in court faces “identifying officials on anti-terror duties as targets” charge upon complaint by Musa Çitil was held in the Aydın 2nd High Criminal Court. Çitil had filed a criminal complaint against Kaya citing Kaya’s interview with Eren Keskin which was published on Artı Gerçek on 20 August 2020.

Kaya and Keskin whom the court had decided to hear as a witness at the previous hearing did not attend today’s hearing.

Kaya’s lawyer Merve Kurhan attended the hearing from the Istanbul 30th High Criminal Court via the video-conference system (SEGBİS). Taking the floor first, lawyer Kurhan stated: “At the previous hearing, you had decided to investigate if there are any investigations or lawsuits against Eren Keskin because of the interview. However, files which are not relevant to this case were sent.”

The presiding judge responded to lawyer Kurhan and said “I will determine the relevance of the files and I will research Eren Keskin.”

Lawyer Kurhan concluded her statements by saying that they will provide their detailed arguments after the prosecutor’s final opinion.

The court decided to hear Keskin as a witness and to investigate if there is any criminal investigation or case against Eren Keskin because of the interview. The trial is adjourned until 1 June 2023.

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