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Trial where Ahmet Altan is charged with not publishing a refutation adjourned


İstanbul – Second hearing of the trial where journalist and writer Ahmet Altan is charged with not publishing a refutation to one of his articles published in Taraf daily in 2010 was held at Anadolu 10th Criminal Court of First Instance today.

Altan was sued for an article published on 4 January 2010 in Taraf daily titled “Death is the Father’s Order” but the prosecution was suspended. Last fall, Ahmet Altan was handed down a prison sentence for “insulting the president” charges by İstanbul 32nd Criminal Court of First Instance. Once that sentence was upheld, this case was also reopened.

Altan’s lawyer Figen Çalıguşu was present in the courtroom.

Because former President Süleyman Demiral has since passed away, the court stated that his heirs were notified. The judge read the sent services of summons out loud. Following this, Altan was asked for a statement. Defendant Ahmet Altan, who attended the hearing via SEGBİS video-conference link, said that he does know what he is being accused of. Upon this remark, judge Gülden Filiz Tüysüz stated: “You are accused of not publishing the refutation sent for your article.” Following this clarification, Altan and his lawyer stated that they do not have anything to state at this point in the trial.  

The court stated that not all heirs of Demirel could be notified and ruled that other sho couldn’t be reached shall be notified about the case and summoned for the next hearing.

The trial is adjourned until 30 October.