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Journalist Yücel released from prison after meeting of Turkish – German leaders


Deniz Yücel, a German journalist who had been in jail in Turkey for a year, was released from prison 16 February, two days after a meeting between Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which has led commentators to question whether the countries reached an undisclosed deal. 

Yücel’s release was announced by his lawyer Veysel Ok, who tweeted a picture of him and his wife Dilek Mayatürk Yücel in front of the prison complex in Silivri where Deniz had been kept. German officials have also confirmed that Yücel had left the country. 

There were no press conferences or direct public statements on the release.

The journalist later uploaded a video online where he gave his first message after his release.  

According to a DW report, German officials said there had not been any “dirty deals” with Ankara to secure Yücel’s release. 

Currently behind bars are 153 journalists in Turkey. For a list of who they are, please visit this link