Saturday Mothers mark 1000th week at 'Memory Space': A life spent in search of lost loved ones

Saturday Mothers mark 1000th week at 'Memory Space': A life spent in search of lost loved ones

The Saturday Mothers, a group of activists seeking justice for their disappeared relatives since May 27, 1995, gathered for the 1000th week of their struggle. For the first time in six years, they were able to commemorate in 'places of memory' without barriers in Galatasaray Square

25 May Saturday - Since May 27, 1995, the Saturday Mothers/People have demanded to know the fate of their disappeared relatives and have sought to prevent further disappearances. On the 700th week of their actions, then-Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu described their efforts. The Saturday Mothers/People, who have faced restrictions, gathered in their 'place of memory' in Galatasaray Square for this significant milestone. The commemoration was attended by DEM Party MPs from CHP, human rights defenders, and hundreds of supporters. The families of the missing greeted supporters and delivered speeches, with a unified message: “Until we reach the bones of our missing, we will be here until the end.”

Buldan: Our cry for justice will never be silenced

Former HDP Co-Chair and DEM Party Van MP Pervin Buldan voiced her support, saying, “Our cry for justice has never stopped and will never stop. Until we have graves, until our disappeared are found, and those responsible are punished, we will continue our fight.”

Mikail Kırbayır: We Demand to find out the fate of our relatives

Mikail Kırbayır, whose brother Cemil Kırbayır was tortured to death in detention, stated, “For 1000 weeks, we have been seeking justice for our disappeared relatives. We demand to know their fate.”

Hanife Yıldız: We want justice

Hanife Yıldız, a Saturday Mother searching for her son Murat who disappeared in detention, said, “For 1000 weeks, we have been shouting for justice. This is not a cemetery but a place to announce our pain and lamentations.”

Human Rights Defender Sebla Arcan's statement

Sebla Arcan read the joint press statement: “Today, for the 1000th time, we are united by deep pain and insistence. We are mothers, fathers, spouses, siblings, and children just like you. But we have the indescribable pain of not even having the graves of our loved ones.”

A single demand: We want to find our disappeared

The statement emphasized the group's singular demand: “We want our disappeared. We want to leave carnations at their real graves. Until we find our loved ones, we will not give up.”

DEM Party's Stand

The DEM Party reiterated their support, stating, “Disappearance in detention and unsolved murders are crimes against humanity. We will continue to ask for the fate of the disappeared.”

AYM's Ruling

The Constitutional Court had previously ruled that the Saturday Mothers' right to organize meetings and demonstrations was violated, despite peaceful conduct. However, their press statements have still faced obstructions.


Medya ve Hukuk Çalışmaları Derneği (MLSA) haber alma hakkı, ifade özgürlüğü ve basın özgürlüğü alanlarında faaliyet yürüten bir sivil toplum kuruluşudur. Derneğimiz başta gazeteciler olmak üzere mesleki faaliyetleri sebebiyle yargılanan kişilere hukuki destek vermektedir.