Trial Monitoring in May : a look at freedom of expression cases heard this month


 Political Trials

Biggest political trial in Turkey's recent history concludes as 24 Kurdish politicians are given 407 years and 7 months in prison. The case of journalist Ertaş is retried as the file is sent to the prosecutor. The court lifts the signature requirement for journalist Mehmet Şah Oruç but upholds his travel ban. Documentary filmmaker Tekin faces trial for mistaken identity in a protest case. An expert report reveals torture and mistreatment of protestors during Ankara Pride arrests. Five journalists sentenced to prison in Özgürlükçü Demokrasi case. Folk music artist Pınar Aydınlar sentenced to prison for "propaganda". Former HDB co-chair claims they were ambushed and fired upon in Silvan. The case of former HDP MP Maçin is transferred to Diyarbakır for jurisdictional reasons. The Gezi retrial court rejects immediate acquittal request for three defendants.

Journalism and Freedom of Expression

Journalist Akif Beki is acquitted of 'insult' charges. Journalist Barış Terkoğlu is acquitted in a defamation case filed by Süheyb Öğüt. Journalist Barış Terkoğlu is sentenced to two years in prison; he claims the case was opened to prevent criticism of Akın Gürlek. Journalist Ferit Aslan is acquitted of 'disinformation' charge. Journalist Karabay is acquitted for the second time in an "insulting a public official" case. Journalist Karabay claims the prosecutor threatened him during interrogation. Journalist Mehmet Kamış is to remain in detention. Journalists Sinan Aygül and Ahmet Aygül face trial for alleged 'threats'. Journalist Sinan Aygül's defamation trial is set for May 8. Journalist Yılmaz is acquitted in a retrial on defamation charges. Journalist Zehra Doğan is acquitted in a retrial after serving two years in prison. Journalists Derya Us and Nurcan Yalçın are to give statements following detention in Diyarbakır. Keskin and Yarkın are acquitted in Armenian Genocide remembrance case. The lawsuit to declare Tarlabaşı Community Support Association "non-existent" is dismissed.

The Ministry lawyer seeks closure of Tarlabaşı community support association for "LGBT propaganda". Police statement of informant Ümit Akbıyık was taken without a lawyer. Professor Baskın Oran testifies in Ankara University's 'Cow Festival' trial. Prosecutor requests acquittal for Terkoğlu in "Pelikan Istanbul War" case. Prosecutor to present final opinion in the trial of lawyer Aktar. Six politicians are acquitted in 'Afrin statement' trial. Trial begins for lawyer Salman, who states that "the defense is on trial". Trial begins over Bilal Erdoğan’s lawsuit against journalist Karabay for social media post. Week of May 13 focuses on journalism and freedom of expression trials. Week of May 27 highlights journalism and freedom of expression cases. Week of May 5th discusses journalism and freedom of expression trials. Young people tortured at Suruç commemoration are acquitted of resisting police charges.


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